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  • аренда авто в грузии

    Sound Engineer, Mixing, Recording Частный

    Услуги   Батуми   175 ID: 660

    Регион: Батуми

    Цена: Договорная

    Hello, my name is Aeghar, I'm a sound engineer.
    The main goal when working with an artist is to create a creative and safe atmosphere that benefits the music.
    I pride myself on being a kind and open person, so we can work together if you are an experienced artist or a beginner musician, a local, ex-pat, or a tourist.

    Things I can do for you:
    - Help with songwriting and arranging;
    - Record your music (any instruments);
    - Mix your tracks to make them sound the best;
    - Tune and edit your vocals and other instruments;
    - Master your mix to make it sound competitive and appropriate for different streaming services.

    You can find my portfolio here:

    I work with all genres, but mainly with Rock, Metal, and Pop.

    Prices differ based on the type of services and studio rent prices, but are pretty reasonable in my opinion. I work both offline and online out of Batumi. Can visit Tbilisi for recording sessions.

    аренда авто в грузии