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  • аренда авто в грузии

    Velcro // Velcro for shoe Бизнес

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    Velcro //

    Velcro for shoe

    Velcro. Other names: textile fastener, contact tape, clasp, "burdock". The English version is Hook & Loop. Clasp, acting on the principle of burdock.

    This type of fastener is a pair of textile tapes, on one of which micro hooks are placed, on the other - micro loops. When two tapes come in contact, the micro hooks and micro loops engage, that is, one tape “sticks” to the other, for which the fastener is called “fastener”. Velcro is widely used in the clothing and footwear industry, it is installed in special products, such as safety shoes, body armor, masks, knee pads, etc.

    FURNITUR-RU LLC offers Velcro from on the stock and Velcro is made in Austria. Distinctive features of the proposed contact tape: - has a high fixation - is resistant to dirt - does not “crumble” . The constant stock availability of all colors and widths makes our offer of velcro the best in the CIS.

    аренда авто в грузии