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    Roll Gap Measuring Instrument Бизнес

    Услуги   Тбилиси   61 ID: 2051

    Регион: Тбилиси

    Цена: Договорная


    SPD series roll gap checker is a special measuring instrument for continuous casting roll gap developed by Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering CO. It has the characteristics of compact structure, easy use, small size, and comprehensive functions. It is widely used in continuous casting production and maintenance sites at home and abroad.


    SPD-V010 series hand-held roll gap meter

    Suitable for various types of continuous casting machines, including CPS, ESP continuous casting, various thin slab and small end face casting machines. It is easy to use and has small size and high integration, which are deeply loved by users.

    SPD-V020/V022 series hand-held roll gap meter

    An integrated product adapted to the continuous casting site, small in size, easy to use, easy to read, and comprehensive in functions

    SPD-V030 series hand-held roll gap meter

    Adapt to the complex environment of the continuous casting site, provide a lot of functions such as separate display, data storage, instruction printing, etc., making the user's on-site operation more convenient and more matching the user's use scene.

    SPD-V032 series hand-held roll gap meter

    In the case of including the functions of SPD-V030, online printing function has been added.

    SPD-V035 series hand-held roll gap meter

    It is a roll gap meter with wireless transmission newly developed by our company, which makes the continuous casting roll gap measurement more dexterous and convenient. It supports remote laptop or WIFI interface computer display.

    аренда авто в грузии