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  • аренда авто в грузии

    A room in the five-star Orby City Hotel (D1) Частный

    Недвижимость   Батуми   30 ID: 3201

    Регион: Батуми

    Цена: 142,297.58 GEL ✔️

    A room in the five-star Orby City Hotel (D1) in Batumi, Georgia with views of the Black Sea, mountains and a chic embankment. WATCH THE VIDEO WITH A REVIEW OF THE ROOM!

    22nd floor, 28 meters, fully furnished - kitchen, bedroom, including furniture on the balcony, sets of dishes, minimal necessary equipment (kettle, hairdryer, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, water heater), additional sets of towels and bed linen, concierge service , modern lobbies, high-speed elevators.

    100 meters to the sea, crossed the road and already on the beach!

    The apartments generate passive income; an agreement has been signed with the management company ORBY for daily rent of the room. The room is in excellent condition, we received the keys in May 2023. By purchasing a room before the start of the season, you skim the cream of the rental price.

    A large shopping center and casino is planned to be put into operation in the near future. Which of course will have a positive effect on the cost of the room and the tour. stream.

    D1 is the most successful building in all of Orby City for many reasons. I can give you more details by phone.

    I'm the owner. $53,200 or 4.95 million rubles, a bit of a bargain.

    Write to Whats app/Telegram +995 571 826 056

    P.S Realtors, you see a real client, we’ll agree on a commission, don’t try to slip me an agreement for exclusive sales! I sell it myself. If there is a ready-made client, we work; if there is a mythical one, we don’t work.


    orby city
    аренда авто в грузии